Venue: Delta Hall, National Center for Sustainable Coastal Management, Anna University, Chennai, India.

Introduction and Background

The 5th Joint International Conference on Environmental Sciences & Climate Change: Accomplishments, Plans and Challenges & 13th International Congress on Climate Change, Territorial Classification & Socio-economical Crisis aims to bring together scientists from both the field of hard/natural sciences and social sciences in a single platform.

The environment as a whole has been abused by human beings and the security for the forthcoming generations is at stake. The scientific communities have made a number of attempts to bring about various changes to bring stability to our mother “Planet” and many attempts are still in their initial infant stage which will take decades to get their due respect and recognition. The study of multi or inter-disciplinary studies related to environment, society and politics often bring out a significant change in the Planet and also in the governing system of each country. The discussion and activities related to environment across the nations and global activities related to the Planet are initiated by joint or collaborative means which often means to bring in better environment for the next generation. Some of the examples can be seen from the Kyoto Climate Change Forum, The Paris Climate Change Agreement; COP21 Forum; Davos Climate Change Forum and many more like these initiatives which focuses on various aspects of environmental changes related to human interference to the planet. The conference congregation is a debate to explore subjects of collective concern and also craft a new learning, part proof and thoughts, and make arrangements. The gathering is also about evolving worldwide contamination problems and propelled advances used to regulate the contamination. This conference integrates different sorts of contaminations, green house effects on earth, contamination/ evaluation which propelled control techniques. The Conference bonds experts, analysts, researchers and bring in all of Social Sciences, Basic science, Chemical building, Earth and planetary sciences, Ecology, Environmental science, Environmental toxicology, Bioremediation and Public wellbeing, Occupational and mechanical security.

Hence, the idea to host an International Event at University of Madras, Chennai, India has evolved to bring in International Scientists to a common forum to discuss the results to face the new challenges and to present new ideas in multi and interdisciplinary concepts for our present and future generations.


The international conference will be mainly focusing on to review and interpret the new research results for effective implementation in the field of environmental science, sustainable development and political progress in the wake of various developments related to industries and socio environmental situations at various levels across the continents.

Social Contribution

This annual event will contribute to our understanding of the environmental issues of the geosphere. Proposed conference is very significant to address the major environmental crisis, envisage future plans for mitigation, thus by emphasizing the importance of integrated natural resource management.

Participant´s profile

The five day international conference bring in multi-disciplinary concepts and aspects in nature and will have participants who are subject experts in the field different fields of environmental sciences, ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, ecological assessment, climate change, water resources, disaster management, political policies, historical changes from various international and national agencies. This will bring in about 250 key participants from India and abroad apart from about 100 young scholars and students involved in the field of environment, economic and political studies.

Conference Venue

5th Joint International Conference on Environmental Sciences & Climate Change: Accomplishments, Plans and Challenges and 13th International Congress on Climate Change, Territorial Classification & Socio-economical Crisis is jointly organized by University of Madras, Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu State, India and National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City, Mexico.